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Giveaway Contest: Week #1 Link Whisper

Giveaway Contest: Week #1

Giveaway Contest: Week #1

Link Whisper – The Revolutionary New Way to Build Strong Links with Ease

For this week’s giveaway, we are giving away a lifetime subscription for 3 sites for Link Whisper. For those of you that don’t know what that is or how it can help your site, this article will tell you all you need to know!

What is Link Whisper?

This simple plugin is loved by many affiliate content site owners because it makes internal link building a lot easier and it can reduce the time spent on adding them to new posts or old posts. 

As the software scans through your saved articles, it will automatically seek out relevance between different articles in your existing 

content.  The AI software will then make dozens of suggestions for internal links you can create while you edit the document.  

When you find internal links you want to add, you can simply click on the link icon and Link Whisper will automatically anchor the correct text to the correct URL.  The software makes it easy to build strong internal links between the article you are creating and other relevant articles on your site.

Why is link building so important for Content Sites?

With stronger internal links, your website ranks much higher on Google and other search engines and your site is greatly promoted.  Internal link also allows viewers to easily be able to access other relevant articles on your site to the one that they are reading with a simple click which also helps with bounce rates and time on site, all factors that Google takes into consideration when deciding where you should rank.

The only downside to link building is that it is very time consuming to do, especially if you have a lot of articles on your site.  LinkWhisper takes this work out by having it fully automated, so what was a very daunting and endless task before is something that can get done in a matter of seconds, saving you time to improve on other aspects of your site.

What can Link Whisper do for you?

This revolutionary plugin offers many useful functions.  Here is a quick look at the main things Link Whisper will do for your business;

Build strong internal links – The software automatically scans and compares all data or articles saved on your Word Press editor and will then automatically flag relevant URLS and anchor texts.  You can then build internal links with a simple click of a button.

Internal link reporting – The software also allows you to see which pages have few or no internal links pointing to them so you can start working on enriching site that can be linked to this website.   You also get data on the number of outbound links or external links streams from certain articles.

Customize your links with ease – You don’t have to settle for automatic suggestions from the software. 

All links or anchor texts can be fine-tuned to suit your content or objective better.  Finer settings like having links open in a new tab can be done with ease.

Good luck with the giveaway and hopefully you will be the lucky winner of this week’s amazing prize by Spencer Haws and LinkWhisper. 

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