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Marketplace Listing?

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Overview of the Site

This scam buster and dating site review website has been around for just over 14 years and 7 months.

Site is ranking for 8,591+ keywords, with some good buyer intent keywords.

Traffic levels have been stable across a 12 month period, seeing a significant uplight following the December Google Core Update.

Unique niche with significant room for development and future growth through the expansion of additional dating apps and services.

Backlink profile has been developed naturally, significant opportunity to focus on development and growth.

Site is currently monetized via multiple affiliate programs, providing diversified income channels.

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SEMRush Data

On the right, you can see the screen shot we have taken from SEMRush that shows the data from the site. Some things to note are

Ranking for 8,591+ keywords.

Ranking for 1,051 keywords on the first page of Google.

Authority score of 46.

Majority of the traffic is coming from the US.

Backlink Analysis

On the right, you can see the screen shot we have taken from AHREFS that shows the data from the site. Some things to note are;

UR rating of 49 and DR rating of 41.

Site has 885 referring domains.

568 of the referring backlinks are dofollow.

The site has 11,373 backlinks with a UR rating of 0-10 and 574 backlinks with a UR rating of 11-20.


For this site, we require a non refundable payment of $1,000 via the website, then the remainder to be sent via wire transfer.

Q+A with Seller

  • Add relationship-related content to the existing categories already created (and ranking well). There is both a Men and Women silo where relationship content can be added. This can be monetized with Display ads and Clickbank products
  • Update all old content; many of the articles have not been updated since 2019. Updating the content would get a good boost in search traffic.
  • Build backlinks to inner commercial pages. The homepage has quality backlinks but inner pages to rank need backlinks.
  • Test different CTR opportunities: test color of CTA buttons, text, popup CTAs, etc.
  • Test affiliate offers for specific pages: we use the same affiliate offers on all pages. However, earnings will improve if you target specific offers on specific pages.
  • For two buyers: (1) someone who is looking for passive cashflow without major upkeep as-is, and (2) anyone that has experience with affiliate marketing.

Personally, finding the time to push it forward.

For the niche itself, new shoulder niches will need to be targeted. Majority of keywords in the main topic have been targeted. Those articles can be pushed forward with backlinks, interlinking, and improvements to content but there aren’t many new opportunities. Good thing is that the site has MANY shoulder niches that we’ve targeted but have not really built out a lot of content in those. That is an opportunity. After we maxed out the main niche, we let the site sit and grow and never found the motivation to continue growing it.

Website files
Social media accounts (Pinterest, Facebook)
Clickmagick link tracking account
Contact information for a writer in this niche.

  • Yes we outsource and will pass on contact information for one writer.
  • All naturally obtained since inception. No PBNs.

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