This finance and travel website has been around for just over 4 years.

Site is ranking for 10,553+ keywords, with some good buyer intent keywords.

70% of traffic to this site comes from USA.

Site has been on an upwards trend over the last year, but has taken a dip this month.

The top page does receive 43% of the overall traffic.

Site comes with a Facebook page with 3,085 followers, a Pinterest account: 625 Followers (with 15 Pinterest Pins that haven’t been published yet), and an email list of 1,392 subscribers. 

Site also earns a bit of money per month from E-Book sales. These earnings are not included in the valuation and will serve as an added bonus for buyers.

The current owner only spends 1-3 hours per month on this website.

Site has a diverse income, it is currently monetized via Amazon(USA), SheMedia, ThriveCart, Harvest Hosts, Proof read Everywhere and Survey Junkie with the opportunity to expand into other monetization methods.