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Are you looking to get your first website? Maybe you are looking to add to to your portfolio? Whatever the case may be, you definitely do NOT want to miss this opportunity to win one of our sites.

What will the website winner receive?

Not only will the website winner win a website that’s valued at over $6,000, they will also win additional add-ons that bring the prize value to over $10,000!

  • 1 year content strategy plan (content not included)
  • Growth plan that will help you identify areas of improvement
  • 50 Keyword Research Plan
  • Free Lifetime LinkWhisper Account
  • Azon Audit premium account for a year
  • AmaLinks Pro account

…..Crazy right!

What website are you giving away?

An Amazon Associate site making over $100 per month with a monthly growth rate of 250% over the last 6 months. We are unable to provide the URL of the site, but trust us its a good one!

Enter NOW and Earn the Chance to Receive Weekly Prizes!?

Leading up to the big website winner, we will be giving away 5 other            weekly prizes. Entries. must be in on Sunday at 11:59pm EST and the winners will be announced on the following Monday at 12pm EST. Make Sure to sign up early and participate weekly!

Week #1: Lifetime account for up to 3 sites with LinkWhisper ($97 per year value)

Week #2: Growth Plan for Any Site + 50 Keyword Research Plan from MotionInvest + Due Diligence review by Centurica ($800 value)

Week #3: Premium account for 1 year with AzonAudit + Doug Cunnington’s Five Figure Niche Site Enrollment + Due Diligence review by Centurica ($1,400 value)

Week #4: 1 year access to Jaryd Krause’s BuyingOnlineBusiness Community + 6 months of Site Speed Accelerator by EZoic + + Due Diligence review by Centurica($1,100 value)

Week #5: Content Surge Strategy Document by Content Surge ($1,000 value)

About Us

Motion Invest was created by people just like yourselves who either had a site they needed to sell or they were looking to buy a site, however, when sites are making between $50-$2,000 per month, there wasn’t really a reliable place to go to. After talking with a few other connections in the space, we realized we weren’t alone and that there was a need for somewhere for people like us to go, and that is when Motion Invest came into the picture. We want to create a place for people who want cash quickly by selling a site or who want to buy a quality site that have long standing experts in the space vetting and doing the due diligence on them. We offer a simple standardized process when selling your site as well as buying and we make it easier, more efficient and more reliable when buying and selling sites.

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Jon Gillham


Spencer Haws


Kelley Van Boxmeer


Guaranteed Sale

If the website you are looking to sell is a fit we purchase it directly. This means you get money faster and there is a single efficient due diligence process.

We have personally purchased hundreds of sites. Using our deep due diligence process we are so confident in these websites that we put our own money down.

Based on our experience at and we have an entire system of coaching and a customized action plan to follow for each site.

Why Sell Your Site To Us?

Are you looking to sell your site quickly without the hassle of talking to prospective buyers and answering the same questions? We are able to help! Not only can we get you money quickly, but we also pay a fair market value price with no listing/success fees. The process is simple because you are selling to us directly and sometimes can be completed in as little as 48 hours.

Fast & Standardized

We have the ability to buy sites quickly, sometimes within 48 hours. We also have a standard process that all sites we buy go through to ensure the process is efficient for you.

0% Upfront Fees and Fair Market Price

Along with buying sites at a fair market price we also charge $0 listing fees and 0% success fees when you sell a site to us. The end result is if your site meets our standards you get more money in your pocket faster while spending less effort selling.

Why Buy a Site From Us?

Are you looking to add a site to your portfolio or looking to start making money online? Our sites are fully vetted with our time proven personal due diligence process so when you buy from us you know you are getting a quality site that won’t drop off a cliff after purchasing. Purchasing a quality site is only one part of the journey, we are here to support the even more important phase of running the site.

Quality Profitable Sites

All our sites have been vetted by people who have been in the space buying websites and selling sites personally for many years, so when you buy a site you know you are buying something that won’t crash a few weeks after purchase.

You're Not Alone

Our support team helps to make the transition easier by helping to set everything up on your host as well as helping to switch out the monetization to your details.

Motion Invests Blog

Find out all the latest details on buying, selling and growing a site!

Earning over $200 per month

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