3 Inspiring Amazon Associate Case Studies

3 Inspiring Amazon Associate Case Studies Have you been hoping to get involved in affiliate marketing for a while? An Amazon affiliate website is a great way to start! How does it work? In a nutshell, you grow a website in a specific niche and write about products in that space, then point your readers to those recommended products on Amazon.com. As a member of the Amazon Associates program, you’re able to take a small commission on each product your visitors purchase on Amazon – and you actually get credit for everything the consumer buys there after they use your ...
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Flippa alternative

Flippa Alternatives: How MotionInvest Addresses the Problems of Flippa

Flippa Alternatives: How MotionInvest Addresses the Problems of Flippa Since 2009, Flippa has served as a broker for buyers and sellers of websites, web domains, mobile apps, and other online businesses. In that time, Flippa has been the go-to marketplace for buying and selling online businesses, particularly smaller ones – but that’s starting to change. Flippa has its problems, and that’s a big part of the reason why Spencer, Jon, and Kelley started MotionInvest.3 Quick Differences Between Flippa and MotionInvestBefore we go into too much detail, I just want to summarize some of the quick differences between Flippa and MotionInvest:1) Flippa is ...
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How to Analyze a site in Ahrefs

How to Analyze a site in Ahrefs Have you heard of Ahrefs before but not sure what it's for or maybe are unsure how to use it? In this in-depth article, we will discuss what Ahrefs is good for, the basics behind it and how to use it to analyze either your own site or how to analyze a site you might be looking to purchase. What is Ahrefs? Ahrefs.com is an online tool set that optimizes SEO and backlink analysis. It is the leading backlink checker in the industry, providing an in-depth examination of backlinks while simultaneously offering other ...
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Most Popular Keyword Research Tools of 2020

Most Popular Keyword Research Tools of 2020 Buy a Site Sell a Site With so many keyword research tools on the market and with so many guides out there, we have decided to review which keyword research tools are still being used and by who in 2020. We have gone through a lot of keyword research guides on the internet and have compiled a list of which tools are being used the most and by who. We believe the keyword research tools that are being used the most amongst the experts in the field are a pretty good bet to ...
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plan - Website Buying and Selling Industry Landscape 2019

Buying Websites For Sale – Ultimate Guide

Buying Websites for Sale in 2020 - Where to Start Buy a Site Sell a Site The website buying landscape has certainly evolved over the years!What started out as a small thread on the SitePoint forum has now grown into an industry with solutions for most of us!This article is going to aim to introduce you to the website buying & selling industry online. It will be the most helpful for a buyer looking to acquire a content-based website that is generating income from affiliates or ads. That is because it is the simplest/best online business model to get started ...
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Using Content to Help Grow Your Newly Purchased Site

Using Content to Help Grow Your Newly Purchased Site If you want to skip the product development stage and go right into marketing and sales, then affiliate sites are for you. Affiliate marketing allows you to get paid commission on every sale you make on your site. You can build your site around third party products that have been tested and have a proven track record online as long as you do your research and promote good products. Whether you are taking over a site you have recently purchased, or you are setting out on your own affiliate journey, you ...
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Where to Buy and Sell Websites in 2020

Where to Buy and Sell Websites in 2020 Thinking of buying or selling or buying digital assets? You have many options and marketplaces that could help you with that. However, not all are worth your time and money.  Some places require you to have a budget of at least 20K+ if your looking to buy a site and some don't have the due diligence needed to ensure you are buying a quality site.We’ve compiled a list of seven of the best platforms to buy or sell websites online in 2019.Let’s see how they stack up.Comparison Chart FlippaEmpire FlippersKingmakersCenturica MotionInvestEase of UseUser-friendlyUser-friendlyUser-friendlyComplicated User-friendlyPricing & ...
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How to Vet a Site

How to Vet a Site​ Have you been looking to get into the online space? Or are you looking to add more sites to your portfolio? If so, chances are you’ve been scouring Flippa or other marketplaces for a good website that could earn you passive income. You’ve found what appears to be a fantastic website complete with screenshots of earnings and traffic. Don't take the bait. What you see isn’t always what you’ll get. As with any intangible asset, any website on sale carries the element of risk. You don’t want to splash cash on a website that could ...
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