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Buy fast and let us help you handle the transfer process. Every motion is a step in the right direction!

Process of Buying a Site With Us

Whether its your first time buying a content site or you’re an experienced buyer, we are here to help you. 

Whether its your first time buying a content site or you’re an experienced buyer, we are here to help you. 


View Our Marketplace

In order to look at the sites we have listed on our marketplace, you need to sign up for free and be logged in.


Purchasing A Site

Once you find a site you are interested in purchasing, you can click the buy now button on the listing page to purchase. For sites under $2,000 you will pay for the full price on the site, sites over $2,000 you will pay a $1,000 which is non-refundable.


Sign Asset Purchase Agreement

After you purchase a site, our team will reach out within 24 hours with an email. They will tell you if there are any remaining funds due and will send you and the buyer the APA to review and sign.


Send Remaining Funds

For sites under $2,000 you can skip this step. For sites over $2,000, you will need to send us the remainder of the funds before we can start the transfer. We hold these funds within Motion Invest until the transfer is complete.


Transfer of the Site

Once we have received all of the funds, our team will intro you to your transfer team. They will help transfer the site and its assets over to you. They will also swap out the affiliate links on 20 pages for free. 


Transfer Complete

After everything has been successfully transferred over to you we will release the funds to the seller.

Benefits of Buying a Site with Us

Sell fast, keep more profit, let us handle the rest. Every motion is a step in the right direction!

Content Sites for Everyone

Our marketplace offers content sites at a wide range of prices from $800-$1 million+ .

Market Prices

The sites we sell are listed at fair market value so you won’t be overpaying or getting into bidding wars over the sites.

Profitable Websites

We only sell profitable websites that will have you generating a return month 1.

Transfer Support

When you purchase a site, you won't have to deal with transferring the site yourself. Our expert team will help to transfer everything over and switch out the monetization on the top 20 pages.

Dutch Auction

All of our sites participate in our Dutch Auction, meaning the site decreases in price every 2 days until the site is purchased or it hits its reserve price.


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Submit your site to be evaluated by our team with extensive due diligence and we will inform you how your website stacks against others

FAQs for Buying Websites

Pre Buying Questions

Yes, if there is a site you are interested in and would like to see the analytics data for it please send us an email to let us know.

When you pay on the website for either the full price (sites under $2,000) or you are paying the $1,000 non-refundable deposit (sites over $2,000) you can use your credit card, Cryptocurrency or PayPal.

When we transfer the site over to you, we help to swap out the affiliate links on the top 20 pages for free. If you would like us to do more than that, the cost is $3/page.

Yes, we have completed a due diligence on each site, however its important to thoroughly review each listing page and perform your own due diligence as well.

An inspection period of 14 days is standard for sites over $50K. The site needs to continue to make over 60% of its earnings.

However, sites under $50K do not have this as a standard part of our APAs. If you would like this added, please let us know prior to paying the deposit and we can run it by the seller to see if they are willing to add it in.

Usually the answer is no. Most of the affiliate platforms do not allow the transfer of accounts. You will need to setup your own accounts at each platform. 

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