Have you been looking at buying or selling a site, but are unsure where you should go to do this? 

Since September 2019, Motion Invest has helped over 500 buyers and sellers from all over the world. In this post, we are happy to share with you, a collection of reviews and stats from a variety of different buyers and sellers of Motion Invest!

Buyer Stats

Motion Invest prides itself on helping its buyers find a site. Here are a few benefits of buying a site from Motion Invest:

Buyer Reviews

Below are a collection of reviews from people who have bought sites with us over the last two years.

#1 Yoyao Hsueh

In this podcast, Spencer Haws (one of Motion Invests Founders) goes into details with one of our buyers Yoyao, who bought two sites (One from Motion Invest and one bought elsewhere) and went from making less than $100 a month to over $6,000 a month.

Yoyao Hsueh

#2 Steve Allen

In this review, Steve goes over how he was looking at starting a site from scratch, but it just so happened that Motion Invest listed a site in the exact niche. He decided to buy the site and get an edge up rather than starting from ground zero.

Steve Allen

The owners and tech staff communicated with me through email every step of the way and answered any questions I had. They also provided me with Google Analytics data so I could compare traffic with my own once I had setup my own analytics with Google Tag Manager.

All in all, it was a great experience buying a site from Motion Invest.

#3 Beau Mueller

In this video, Beau goes over how he bought two sites with us within a few months of each other. He breaks down the listing pages, and even shows you one of the sites he purchases.

Beau Mueller

Seller Reviews

Motion Invests 

#1 Jon Dykstra

In this review, Jon Dykstra goes over his experience selling 7 of his own sites with us, including a six figure site. He explains why he used Motion Invest and what he would change if he was to do it all over again.

Jon Dykstra

Since my goal was to be involved as little as possible in selling my sites, I wanted a broker who would handle everything possible that didn’t require me.  I did have to be involved and provide screenshots because these are my accounts.  I had to assist in transferring the websites, again because they are my accounts. Other than that I have to give a HUGE 2 thumbs up to Motion Invest for doing pretty much everything else.  They told me they would handle almost everything when I reached out to them and they delivered in spades. For example, I only had to give MI read and analyze access to my Google Analytics accounts.  They spent the time getting all the necessary screenshots.  Long ago I attempted to sell another site and that broker (to remain nameless) who required I get all the screenshots… and they asked for screenshots weekly. I was annoyed because they easily could have.  It was a horrendous experience and time-suck.

#2 Granger McCollough

In this review, Granger goes over his experience selling one of his websites with Motion Invest. Apart from a slow start in the due diligence process, we were able to help him get his site sold, transferred and funds in his account quickly.

Granger McCollough
Digital Asset Guy

The migration process started on July 26th and by August 5th, I had cash in my bank account – meaning the entire migration from start to finish took only 10 days.

For those of you who don’t have a point of reference to compare that to – 10 days is scorching fast.  The process at other brokers usually takes about 3-4 weeks total for these kinds of sites, which is in part because there is typically a waiting period where the buyer has about 2 weeks to receive and verify revenue.

As a seller, I loved the fact that there wasn’t a required waiting period to close the deal.  Pretty much as soon as the site was all migrated over to the buyer, my funds got sent to me.

General Review

In this section, you will find some general reviews from people in the space who have bought and sold websites before. These people have not bought or sold with Motion Invest yet, but they have the knowledge of the space and  understand how our platform work.

Ron Stefanski

In this Motion Invest review, Ron goes over the Motion Invest platform, and reviews different aspects of our business. There is also a video below that you can view.

Ron Stefanski