About Us

Get to know the team behind the motion! A little about what we are and do.

Who we are?

Motion Invest was created by people just like yourselves who either had a site they needed to sell or they were looking to buy a site, however, when sites are making $20+ per month, there wasn’t really a reliable place to go to. After talking with a few other connections in the space, we realized we weren’t alone and that there was a need for somewhere for people like us to go, and that is when Motion Invest came into the picture. We want to create a place for people who want cash quickly by selling a site or who want to buy a quality site that have long standing experts in the space vetting and doing the due diligence on them.

What we do!

We offer a simple standardized process when selling your site as well as buying and we make it easier, more efficient, and more reliable when buying and selling sites. Each site we list on our site we have vetted and have two options; Our Portfolio sites which are site we bought and now own and Marketplace sites where it’s for sale by the seller but we help to facilitate the process. Each site we list, whether Portfolio site or Marketplace site, is a quality site and that is why we perform the same due diligence for each and every site we list and it must meet certain criteria in order for us to list it.

Meet our team of experts

Kelley Van Boxmeer


Online Entrepreneur

Kelley Van Boxmeer is a wife, mother and online entrepreneur, who has used her passion for learning over the past 8 years, to develop a deep knowledge on building and growing profitable sites. She has also actively managed other peoples portfolio of sites and enjoys looking for ways to improve and grow their profits.

Jon Gillham is a husband, father of 3 and engineer who used his love of systems to build his online business allowing him to leave his day job. His teams and systems have grown 7+figure businesses and been actively acquiring well over 100 sites to add to his portfolio.

Jon Gillham



Spencer Haws



Spencer Haws is a blogger, podcaster, and software entrepreneur over at NichePursuits.com. He has bought and sold several websites over the past 11 years. When Spencer isn’t blogging or starting a new software project, he enjoys spending time with his wife and 4 children and sometimes pretends to enjoy running marathons

Ryan Gunn developed a passion for website development while attending Trent University. When he isn’t helping you through the process of selling your website, he is working on his own portfolio of sites. He is an avid sports fan, who loves spending time with family and friends.

Ryan Gunn


Sports fan