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About Us

Get to know the team behind the motion! A little about what we are and do.

Meet our team of experts

Kelley Van Boxmeer

CEO/CO-FOUNDER & Mother of 2

Jon Gillham

CO-FOUNDER & Engineer

Spencer Haws

CO-FOUNDER & Blogger

Ryan Gunn


Ryan Watson


About us

Who we are?

Motion Invest was created by people just like yourselves who either had a site they needed to sell or they were looking to buy a site, however, when sites are making  as little as $1+ per month, there wasn’t really a reliable place to go to. After talking with a few other connections in the space, we realized we weren’t alone and that there was a need for somewhere for people like us to go, and that is when Motion Invest came into the picture. 

About us

What we do!

We offer a simple standardized process when selling your site as well as buying and we make it easier, more efficient, and more reliable when buying and selling sites. 

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