Benefits of Selling a Site to Us

Fast Sale

We have the ability to buy sites quickly if it passes our due diligence. Sometimes you can have the full amount within 72 hours depending on whether you choose to go with a direct sell or list on our marketplace.

Guaranteed Sale

After your site goes through our due diligence process, you can have a guarantee sale by selling directly to us, or you can list on our marketplace for a chance to sell your site.

Easy Hand Off

When you sell your site directly to us there is no hand holding/ongoing training that you need to do post sale, which saves you time. If you list on the marketplace and it sells, you will need to provide a 20 day support to the new owner.

Listing Fee & Success Fees

By going with our direct sale option, we don’t charge a success fee or a listing fee meaning you get to keep more of your money. If you choose our marketplace option, there is no listing fee, only a 15% success fee for sites listed above $20,000 and 20% for sites listed under $20,000.

Fair Market Price

We buy sites at a fair market value, which means you won’t get ripped off or given a low ball offer. You also have the option to list on our marketplace.

Non Invasive Due Diligence

No wasted time on multiple repetitive calls, no annoying questions, our knowledgeable team can do most of the due diligence quickly.

2 Options to Sell with Us

Please note, all sites must pass our due diligence process before you can choose which option of selling with us you would like to take.

Directly Sell To Us

List on our Marketplace

Process of Selling a Site with Us

Seller's Testimonials

What We Will Need From You

If you are looking to sell your site, we are going to need a few things from you;


  • Website URL
  • Access to Google Analytics
  • Monthly Profit
  • Proof of Income

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FAQ When Selling A Site to Us

This depends on which selling option you choose. Usually when you directly sell to us it takes about 3-5 days. Sometimes it can be less and sometimes it can be more depending on when we get all the required details that we need to complete the due diligence process. If you choose the marketplace option, there is no guarantee of a sale but we will list your site for 31 days on our site.

We use either Paypal or wire transfers to pay for the sites. 

When you sell directly to us we do not charge any fees, but please note that Paypal and wire transfers do subtract a fee when we send you the funds. If you choose to list on our marketplace, there is no listing fee, only a 15% success fee if the site sells.

In order to move the site quickly through our due diligence process please ensure you have completely filled out the free evaluation form on this page. The main information we need are income screenshots for the last year from the actual affiliate site, as well as access to the analytics account for the site.

When you directly sell with us we are purchasing the site ourselves and can complete this process in 3 days – 5 days. If you choose to list on our marketplace, we will list your site for 31 days, but there is no guarantee that the site will sell.

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