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FAQs for Selling Websites

We use either Direct Wire Transfers, Veem or PayPal to pay for the sites.

Please note that Paypal and wire transfers do subtract a fee when we send you the funds.

We don’t charge anything to list your site with us, only upon the site being successfully sold. The commission we charge is based on the size of the site.

Under $20K – 20%
Between $20K-$50K – 15%
$50K-$100K – 10%
$100K – $500K – 7%
$500K+ – 5%

In order to move the site quickly through our due diligence process, please ensure you have completely filled out the free evaluation form. Make sure you have also provided us with the proper Google Analytics access.

Our team will follow up with instructions for the income proof data that we will need from you. Each affiliate program is different, so it depends on what you use to monetize the site. A few general guidelines:

  • We like to see the income in a monthly view. So the exact earnings for January, the exact earnings for February etc. 
  • We like to get the last 12 months of income data (when possible). If your site doesn’t have that many months of data yet, that is okay too. 3 months is generally our minimum. 
  • We like to see the website name or specific traffic ID in the income proof data. This way, all earnings can be attributed to this site and not any others. Some affiliate programs are easier than others when it comes to this. 

If you have any questions about your specific affiliate program, you can ask our team when they follow up with you.

When you directly sell with us we are purchasing the site ourselves and can complete this process in 3 – 5 days (after due diligence has been completed). If you choose to list on our marketplace, we will list your site for 31 days, but there is no guarantee that the site will sell.

Please note that Marketplace listings are much more common than direct buys. We only buy a limited amount of sites. Our team will send you a direct buy offer if we are interested.

Yes. There is a 1 month exclusivity. This means that you can’t list the site elsewhere for 1 month (most places this is 2-3 months).

If your site doesn’t sell within the 1 month, we have a few options. 

  • 1) We can leave the site listed at the current price and just take offers on it. 
  • 2) We can drop the price down to see if we can get it sold for lower. 
  • 3) We can remove it from the marketplace completely. 

You can let us know what you want to do if it gets to that point. Our team will talk with you and we can decide the best way to move forward.

At Motion Invest, we only focus on content websites. You can read a detailed breakdown of the sites that are and aren’t a fit for us here. If your site was rejected, it should give you a better idea as to why.
As of right now, we don’t sell sites that aren’t making any money. Even for starter sites, we like to have about 3 months of earnings data at the minimum.
Here is a detailed article why we use a ‘Dutch Auction’ model to sell websites. Most sites on our marketplace are sold this way. There are some that are sold at a flat rate but the majority are using the Dutch Auction format.

We do not take expenses into account for most sites under $100,000. Our sites are listed based on the Gross Revenue.

For sites over $100,000 we like to get a PnL for the sites and we list them in the Q+A section on the listing page.

In this space, we have found expenses are something that vary heavily from person to person. One person might have a team of writers that work for them on salary. Another person writes all of the content for themselves.

In our Q&A section we have sellers list their expenses so buyers can have an idea of what to expect. At the end of the day though, buyers will need to do their own due diligence and decide for themselves. Buyers are free to ask sellers any questions they have in terms of expenses so they can make the best decisions for themselves. 

There are some exceptions. For example, if a site uses Ezoic Premium, we typically subtract the monthly charge from the income average. That is because if the buyer doesn’t have Ezoic Premium, they will earn less from the site. If there is something similar to this that we see on an affiliate program, we do the same.

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