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Amazon Associate Commission Update – April 2020

Amazon Associate Commission Update – April 2020

By now, some of you may have already heard about the new agreement changes to the Amazon Associate commission structure for affiliates. In case you haven’t, here is a quick breakdown as to what those changes are and how we, at Motion Invest are adjusting due to these changes.

What Are the New Changes?

Amazon has come out with new commission rates for all of their categories:

  • Amazon Fresh
    • 3% down to 1%
  • Baby Products
    • 4.5% down to 3%
  • Furniture, Home, Home Improvement, Lawn & Garden, Pets Products, Pantry
    • 8% down to 3%
  • Grocery
    • 5% down to 1%
  • Headphones, Beauty, Musical Instruments, Business & Industrial Supplies
    • 6% down to 3%
  • Health & Personal Care
    • 4.5% down to 1%
  • Outdoors, Tools
    • 5.5% down to 3%
  • Sports
    • 4.5% down to 3%

This means that all amazon associate sites will be making less per sale, how much less depends on the types of products you are selling but will be around a 30-50% drop. You can also check out this Amazon update on Jon Gillham’s Authority Website Income blog and use the spreadsheet created by Jon and Kelley to help determine just how much on the new commission structure you would have made if everything stayed the same except for the commission rate.

We put one site through the spreadsheet and we saw that this site, based on the new commission structure would have only made 34%.

Check Out the Post and Free Spreadsheet

If you have a site and are unsure how it will impact your site, use that spreadsheet and you will easily be able to find out the new amount your site would have made.

To stay up to date on the history of Amazon Affiliate Rate changes see this page.

How Do these Changes Affect Motion Invest?

There is no doubt that this is going to negatively effect everyone is someway who has an Amazon affiliate site. We do still believe Amazon Affiliate sites are still useful and are a good source of earning an extra income. The main changes we will be making at Motion Invest will be when buying and selling the sites.

How it will Affect Selling a Site to us?

We will now be looking at the exports from each of the sites that are looking to sell to us and use our new assessment tool to see how much the site would have made on the new system. Our offer will be reflective of the new valuation.

How Does it Affect the Sites we Sell to You?

The sites will be priced according to the new pricing structure. On each of the listing pages we will show you what the site made on the old commission model and if those same sales happen, how much it would make on the new commission model. This way you will be informed as to how much the site will potentially decline from the old income.

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