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We currently have for sale on our marketplace for the next few days. The site is currently making an average of $4,346 per month.

Please see below for some of the key takeaways of the website.

  • Site is currently monetized via Amazon (US), (UK), (CANADA) and Skimlinks.
  • Site has the opportunity to use other monetization methods such as MediaVine or Ezoic.
  • Site is ranking for 2,900+ keywords, with some good buyer intent keywords.
  • Backlinks have been acquired naturally, offering opportunity to focus efforts on development of the backlink profile.
  • Popular technology based niche focused on audio equipment.
  • The current owner spends 6-8 hours a week, primarily focused around writing and publishing content.

In this post we will break down one of the article  and how you can go about improving the article which should increase the earnings, especially since we will complete this articles onsite fixes plus 4 others for free for the new buyer!

Here we go…

The pages are pretty well spaced out which is good because if one page loses its rankings, the site won’t take a big hit because the majority of the income is spread out over 15 pages.

When we dig deeper into the content there are a few main things we want to check with each article. We have also included a score out of 10 on how this article currently scores.

  1. Content length: meaning how does the content count compare to other articles ranking for the same keyword. (8/10)
  2. Keyword placement and supporting phrases: checking to make sure the keyword is present in both the body and at least 1 heading, as well as having other supporting phrases included. (6/10)
  3. External backlinks to the article: The type of sites are linking to this article. (6/10)
  4. Internal backlinks to the article: the articles that are pointing to this article from the site. (8/10)
  5. Are questions being answered?: Many people when they search for terms have certain questions they want answered. (4/10)

The 3rd top page is a great place to start when trying to improve the site. Currently this article is bringing in about 5% of the site’s traffic. The 2 main keywords for this article bone conduction headphones and best bone conduction headphones have high monthly searches and with some help through backlinks and added/edited content, you could get these keywords ranking higher to bring in a lot more traffic to the page.

Here are the top keywords for

Content Length and Key Phrases

Taking a look at the keyword best bone conduction headphones.

When analyzing the article in marketmuse for the keyword best bone conduction headphones, we are able to see that the article has a word count of 8,897,  which is the second highest in the top 10.

Content length does not look to be a concern with this article. We have given this article an 9/10 because there is alway room to add more content. Although the length is good, there are a few relevant keywords that the site is missing would be a nice fix that can be done to improve the article quality.

As you can see from the image above, there are quite a few words we would suggest to include in this article that will make it more relevant to Google, which is why we gave this part a 6/10. These are only a few out of the list we have.

Internal Backlinks

A simple fix that you can do pretty quickly would be to add in some more internal links pointing to this article with relevant anchor text. Right now there are about 30 internal backlinks pointing to this site, but the more you can link to this article from other articles on your site, the more important Google will feel this article is. Some of the internal links already in place could benefit from using some different anchor texts. This article got a 8/10 for internal links because there are a fair amount built but there are a few more that could be added and some anchor texts to that page could be adjusted,

External Backlinks

Below we have some details on how you can improve the external backlink profile of the article but please note that this is off page SEO, and the suggestions below would not be included in the purchase price of the site, only the on page suggestions are. We are, however, able to give you a document that outlines some of the sites we recommend you to reach out to along with the anchor text we believe you should use.

The article does have a far bit of external backlinks, however they don’t seem to be high quality. Of the 62 backlinks, 62% of them have a URL rating of 10 and under, and 37% have a URL rating of 11-20. Getting a few 21-30 URL backlinks would be great and would really help to boost up this article’s rankings.

Are Questions Being Answered?

When people are searching for specific keywords there are usually other questions they may want answered as well. In this article, a majority of it is focused on the top 12 best bone conduction headphones, but what it’s missing is some of the common questions the readers may also need help with. It does have an FAQ section but none of them are targeted towards questions people are searching for. There is also an added bonus of adding the answers to these questions to the article, as it helps you to rank for those questions people are searching for and will get them to come to your site and view the rest of the article as well as answering their questions. Adding these questions and answers will also help to increase your word count by adding useful information instead of fluffy filler words, which Google likes.

We can use tools such as SEMrush to quickly find out which questions people who are searching for these headphones are looking to find answers too.

As we can see from the image above, there are about 202 questions that are related to bone conduction headphones, that have a combined monthly search volume of 2.9K. Depending on the price point of your products it may be worth it for you to do quite a few of these. Whether they be in your main article or if you have enough content, adding a snippet to the main article, then create a whole article based on answering the keyword and have it link internally to the main article and have the main article also link internally to the new article.

For this article in particular, I would probably add the top 3 questions above to the article and have the question be in H2 tag and create about a 100-150 word response for each of these 3 questions.

I would then actually create a 500ish word stand alone article. I would then use these articles to internally link to the main article. I would also want to pass some link juice back to these stand alone articles so I would want to add in an internal link in the 100-150 word response to the new stand alone article as well.

Interested in the website?

If you are interested in the website, please get in contact with us on chat or through email and we would be happy to help answer any questions you may have.

If you do end up purchasing this site, we will help you improve the this article along with 4 other pages of your choosing to help get you off on the right foot!

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