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Difference Between a Website Audit and Website Valuation

They may share one of the same words in their names, but website audits and website valuations are two very different things. In a nutshell, a website audit is typically done to figure out where you can make improvements to your site, while a website valuation helps you estimate the worth of a site. Both are certainly valuable tools for a website owner, but they are often used in different ways at different times.

Want the details? Keep reading to learn more about the difference between a website audit and website valuation.

What is a Website Audit?

A website audit is typically performed before an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) overhaul or redesign of your website. It basically helps you get an idea of your website’s overall performance and highlights areas that could use some improvement.

There are two main types of website audits: technical and content.

  • Technical website audits analyze your website’s code and server environment for problems. They check for page speeds, broken links, and other variables that may affect your SEO.
  • Content website audits examine your website’s content to see if it has been optimized for your audience. They look for duplicate content, keyword density, and other content-related factors.

What are the Benefits of a Website Audit?

There are many potential ways a website audit can benefit your business. For example, it can allow you to:

  • Find missed SEO opportunities and fix poorly executed ones
  • Compare your website against the competition
  • Assess how easy it for users to navigate your site
  • Analyze how effective your website is in terms of lead generation and conversion

What is a Website Valuation?

As previously mentioned, website valuations are quite different from website audits. Instead of giving you an idea of your site’s performance, a website valuation helps you determine the value of a website. They are typically performed to help a potential buyer figure out if the seller’s asking price is fair and reasonable.

What Determines the Value of a Website?

There are several factors that may be considered when performing a website valuation.

Revenue and Expenses

This valuation method focuses on a site’s income and expenses. It includes how much money it makes monthly or yearly and the cost of any operational fees. This can help give a buyer an idea of a site’s future earning potential, which is often the most important consideration.

Domain Name

This type of valuation helps you figure out how much someone may be willing to pay for a particular domain name. It looks at multiple factors, such as whether there have been any trademark disputes over the domain, how many backlinks the site has, and other relevant SEO-related criteria.

Website Age and Traffic

If you’re looking for a quick way to estimate the value of your website, then you can try the website age and traffic formula. Simply multiply the age of your site by the average number of site visitors per day to estimate its worth.

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