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How to Do Internal and External Links

How to Do Internal and External Linking

How to Do Internal and External Linking

When looking at ways to help increase your sites performance and/or rankings, it’s important to take a look at how your site is utilizing internal and external links.

Internal Links

This means that you are linking from one article on your site to another. So when looking at creating internal links, take a look at your site and think as if you were a viewer, if you were to come to this site, what other article might also interest them. Once you have an article in mind, you will need to find a way to create a natural sentence that you can use to link to that other post. If possible, use the keyword that other post is looking to rank for.

There are a few reasons why these help.

  • Helps viewers who come to your site easily access other content on your site
  • Helps to distribute page authority throughout the site as the bigger pages are passing along juice to other articles.
  • Helps to increase the crawlability of the site by Google.

External Links

This means that you are linking to other sites on the internet. By doing this, you are creating a history of links between your sites and more established ones. 

  • Helps Google find your site better by being able to crawl your site more through others backlinks.
  • Can help  you build relationships with those sites.
  • You are providing your readers with more value add by linking to articles that are relevant to the article they are viewing.

You should only ever link to other articles on other sites if they are relevant to the article you are creating or the sentence you are creating. Ex. If you are talking about a certain type of material, that viewers may not know of, link to a site that talks about what they material is.

You also only want to link to reputable sites, nothing spammy. Here are a few examples:

  • eHow
  • News sites
  • Authoritative blogs in your niche *
  • Yahoo articles
  • Forums
  • Wikipedia
  • If linking to other authoritative sites or any site, you do not want to be linking to sites that are ranking for that keyword in Google. If you do, you are giving them more power which means it will be harder to outrank them.


How many should be added?

Here is a rough estimate:

Word Count

Internal Links

External Links

















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