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Our Take on the New Google Algorithm Review

The first one went live in April 2021, and the second followed later on that year in December. Now, in March 2022, Google is launching its third product review algorithm update, which you can expect to roll out over the next few weeks. This update is going to build off of the previous two, and will almost undoubtedly impact the rankings of at least some English-language product reviews on their SERPs.

While it’s still early, we’re going to give our current take on the new Google product algorithm update, and discuss how you can make sure your reviews meet the mark.

Who is Affected by the March 2022 Product Review Update?

It sounds like everyone and anyone who provides English-language review content, including ranked lists and comparison reviews. You may have noticed that they are currently specifying those reviews done in English, but Google does mention that they are planning on applying this to other languages as well. So, those reviewing in non-English languages may want to keep this in the back of their minds.

Why is Google Launching Yet Another Product Review Update?

Well, it seems that Google’s algorithms still have trouble identifying what they consider to be high quality product reviews. They really want to reward content that gives sound purchasing advice, and this certainly isn’t a bad thing for consumers. However, it’s not exactly ideal for those websites that run a lot of product reviews. Some people may not even realize their content isn’t quite up to par, so they really need to be on top of this if they don’t want to move down in the SERP rankings.

What Do I Need to Know about the March 2022 Google Product Review Update?

Google has released some advice to those who may be affected by this update. If you want your product reviews to do well in the SERPs, you should consider the following:

  • Details, details, details. For example, the pros and cons of a product, how it compares to alternate or previous versions, and specific information on its performance. It seems that you can’t have enough details!
  • Demonstrate that the reviewer has actually used the products themselves, and isn’t just piggybacking on someone else’s review or experience. For example, show what the product is like physically and/or how to use it.
  • Provide unique information, and not just regurgitate details that can be easily found on an instruction booklet or the manufacturer’s website. This may mean sharing links, visuals, or even audio demonstrating the reviewer’s experience with the product.
  • Compare the product in question to similar products and/or discussing what makes it different from its competitors.

Does This Mean Google is Penalizing Lower Quality Product Reviews?

No, they are technically not directly penalizing what they deem lower quality product reviews. However, if your content falls under that category, it may feel like a punishment if you find yourself slipping in the rankings thanks to Google rewarding the higher quality ones. So, if you’re worried about that happening, the best thing to do is to take a good hard look at your content and see if there’s something you can do to make it fit their new standards.

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