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Portfolio Sites Vs. MarketPlace sites

Portfolio Sites Vs. MarketPlace sites

Portfolio Sites Vs. MarketPlace sites

Until now Motion Invest has only listed sites for sale that we have bought and they sold out FAST! We are excited to let you know that more, many great sites are coming via our new marketplace. 

More great sites pass our due diligence then we can buy and as a result we end up not offering you what you want… great quality sites for sale.

We now offer listings of sites that pass our due diligence but we don’t buy. 

To continue to be the most efficient place to buy and sell smaller content sites online we will have some features that reduce the back and forth with buyers/sellers…

What Are Marketplace Sites?

Simply put, the marketplace sites are sites that passed our extensive due diligence but the seller didn’t want to sell immediately and was happy to wait and list it on our marketplace.

How does this affect the Site Sellers?

There is no big difference with the way we process and purchase sites except that when we make an offer to buy your site and you are looking for something different or you want to hold it for a little longer, you can now list your site for sale on our site via the marketplace. The difference between directly selling to us and listing via our marketplace is our fee, when you sell directly the price we offer to you is the price you get, with the Marketplace listing when you list and successfully sell to a buyer, there is a 15% success fee.

Direct Buy

  • Guaranteed sale
  • 0% Fees
  • Get money as quickly as 72 hours


  • No guarantee of sale
  • 0% Listing fee, 15% success fee
  • 31 day exclusivity
  • 20 day post sale support

How Does the Marketplace Affect Buyers?

All sites we list, whether on the Marketplace or a part of our portfolio, go through the exact same due diligence process. We do not let people list their sites on their own, they must go through every step the exact same way. The only other step that changes is the transfer process when you buy a site. When you purchase one of our portfolio sites we are able to transfer everything within 5 days, however, with our Marketplace transfers they may take a little longer as we are not the ones who have control of the site and act as middle man between both you and the seller to help get everything transferred over. This could take up to 10 days to complete.

Portfolio Listings

  • Extensive due diligence
  • Takes around 5 days to complete transfer

Marketplace Listings

  • Extensive due diligence
  • Takes around 10 days to complete transfer

We believe this is a great step towards getting sites into more buyers hands and having more listings readily available on our website as we know we have a bunch of hungry buyers eager to purchase.

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