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Overview of the Website

This vegan website has been around for just over 4 years 11 months.

Site is ranking for 1,720+ keywords, with some good buyer intent keywords.

Site is built on an expired domain that use to be a vegan restaurant. 

Site has lots of room for growth as it only has 26 articles.

The current owner spends about an hour per week on the site.

Site is currently monetized via Impact with the opportunity to expand into other monetization methods.

Next Price Drop will be in...

This listing is doing a Dutch auction which means, the price on the site is lowered every 2 days, until it gets a bid or it hits the reserve price. The first bid made is the winning bid and will get the site.

Google Analytics

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MonthImpact Income (US)
December 2020$0
January 2021$0
February 2021$0
March 2021$760
April 2021$825
May 2021$470
June 2021$1,335
July 2021$1,170
August 2021$960
September 2021$1,512
Total Income:US $8,374

SEMRush Data

On the right, you can see the screen shot we have taken from SEMRush that shows the data from the site. Some things to note are:

Rankings for 1,720+ keywords

Ranking for  199 keywords on the first page

Authority score of 26

Majority of the traffic is coming from the US

Backlink Analysis

On the right, you can see the screen shot we have taken from AHREFS that shows the data from the site. Some things to note are;

UR rating of 34 and DR rating of 15

Site has 167 referring domains.

105 of the referring backlinks are dofollow.

The site has 361 backlinks with a UR rating of 0-10 and 108 backlinks with a UR rating of 11-20.

Download Backlink Analysis

FAQ with Seller

Please email us or use the chat function to get access to Google Analytics.

What would you do to grow this site?

I would review all vegan meal delivery services, do all the "best vegan this and that keywords" because there are a lot, add a vegan recipe section and continue the "is it vegan" section. Lots of potential here, plenty of competitors with similar strength of site that are doing very well with exactly that.

Is the site built on an expired domain?

I purchased the expired domain through an auction and then built the site from scratch.

What has been your biggest struggle with this site?

It's really just a time thing where I have other projects going, and I'm not passionate about Vegan.

What is included with the site?

The impact and share a sale accounts included. I don't have any socials associated with the account.

How much time do you spend on the site? What tasks do you do?

I probably spend an hour per week on this site. The tasks would be to post the article and do images.

Do you outsource the content? If yes, are you able to pass along the writer?

I wrote this content myself.

How did you build your backlinks? Were PBN's used?

Backlinks were acquired naturally through the previously owned domain. I did build 2-3 guest posts and did 1 HARO myself which only cost my time. Zero PBNs.

How many total articles are on the site?

26 total articles.

What are the expenses that are associated with the site? Specifically, what are the expenses that come from content creation, hosting, backlinks and domain registration?

I wrote the content myself so not sure how to answer that. Hosting, I use WPX with another one of my sites - $24.99/mo but it's with 2 sites, so technically it's $12.50 per month. Backlinks I spent a total of $200 a while a go. That's not a monthly thing. The HARO link was my time, but it's a good, strong, relevant link - probably worth a lot to be honest. Domain registration is on namecheap, so whatever that costs.

Payment Terms

For this site, we require a non refundable payment of $1,000 via the website, then the remainder to be sent via wire transfer.

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