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Overview of the Website

This lighting website has been around for just over 2 years and 4 months.

Site is ranking for 11,991 + keywords, with some good buyer intent keywords.

Site comes with 190 articles with 7 in draft ready to be published.

Site has had steady traffic over the last year with a small dip but upwards trend last 3 months.

The current owner spends about 4 hours a week publishing new content.

Site is currently monetized via Amazon with the opportunity to expand into other monetization methods.

Next Price Drop will be in...

This listing is doing a Dutch auction which means, the price on the site is lowered every 2 days, until it gets a bid or it hits the reserve price. The first bid made is the winning bid and will get the site.

Google Analytics

Proof of Income

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MonthAmazon Income (US)
October-2021 (up to 16th)$213
Total Income : (US)US $6,672

SEMRush Data

On the right, you can see the screen shot we have taken from SEMRush that shows the data from the site. Some things to note are:

Rankings for 11,991+ keywords

Ranking for 1,401 keywords on the first page

Authority score of 39

Majority of the traffic is coming from the US

Backlink Analysis

On the right, you can see the screen shot we have taken from AHREFS that shows the data from the site. Some things to note are;

UR rating of 37 and DR rating of 51

Site has 837 referring domains.

326 of the referring backlinks are dofollow.

The site has 5,403 backlinks with a UR rating of 0-10 and 378 backlinks with a UR rating of 11-20.

Download Backlink Analysis

Site Buddy Analysis

On the right, you can see the screen shot we have taken from SiteBuddy that shows the data from the site and allows you to take steps to improve the site quickly by fixing the Amazon links. Some things to note are;

There are 141 pages that have Amazon products being linked to and all have the proper Amazon Affiliate Disclaimers in place.

There are 1063 Amazon links being used and of those 0 are missing an affiliate tag.

There are 113 missing products, which means the site is not linking to a product in their Amazon link.

The site links to 488 different Amazon products and of those 113 products are out of stock, meaning people who click on those links can’t actually purchase the product. Swapping those products with different products that are in stock can help to increase income.

FAQ with Seller

Please email us or use the chat function to get access to Google Analytics.

What would you do to grow this site?

Research new keywords, build contents and outreach for link building.

Did you start the site from scratch or did you buy it? Is it built on an expired domain?

From scratch. New domain.

What has been your biggest struggle with this site?

Content creation

What is included with the site? (please also confirm all social media accounts that are associated with the site and will be included in the sale)

Facebook Page, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin

How much time do you spend on the site? What tasks do you do?

4 hours a week to publish new content

Do you outsource the content? If yes, are you able to pass along the writer?

Yes, I outsource content.

How did you build your backlinks? Were PBN's used?

Outreach. No PBN.

How many total articles are on the site?

190 published articles and 7 pending articles

What are the expenses that are associated with the site? Specifically, what are the expenses that come from content creation, hosting, backlinks and domain registration?

Content and Backlink $250-$300/month

Payment Terms

For this site, we require a non refundable payment of $1,000 via the website, then the remainder to be sent via wire transfer.

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