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Overview of the Website

This review website has been around for just over 3 years 10 months.

Site is ranking for 20,109+ keywords, with some good buyer intent keywords.

Site has seen steady traffic and income over the last 12 months.

Site’s top article accounts for less than 5% of the traffic.

Site’s average time on page is over 1 min 30 secs.

The current owner spends about an hour a month on the site.

Site is currently monetized via Mediavine with the opportunity to expand into other monetization methods.

Next Price Drop will be in...

This listing is doing a Dutch auction which means, the price on the site is lowered every 2 days, until it gets a bid or it hits the reserve price. The first bid made is the winning bid and will get the site.

Google Analytics

Proof of Income

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MonthMediavine (US)
February 2021$0
March 2021$847
April 2021$904
May 2021$1,251
June 2021$1,487
July 2021$1,548
August 2021$1,862
September 2021$2,045
October-2021 $2,016
November-2021 $1,898
December-2021 $1,504
January -2022$1,245
Total Income:US $16,607

SEMRush Data

On the right, you can see the screen shot we have taken from SEMRush that shows the data from the site. Some things to note are:

Rankings for 20,109+ keywords

Ranking for 2,489 keywords on the first page

Authority score of 43

Majority of the traffic is coming from the US

Backlink Analysis

On the right, you can see the screen shot we have taken from AHREFS that shows the data from the site. Some things to note are;

UR rating of 24 and DR rating of 22

Site has 2,689 referring domains.

2,505 of the referring backlinks are dofollow.

The site has 71,577 backlinks with a UR rating of 0-10 and 82 backlinks with a UR rating of 11-20.

Download Backlink Analysis

FAQ with Seller

Please email us or use the chat function to get access to Google Analytics.

What would you do to grow this site?

I would find other silos that have long tail keywords with low competition and produce content around these keywords to continue increasing traffic and revenue to the site.

The site is monetised only with display ads. There is huge potential for adding affiliate income to the site through relevant content already at the site, or through publishing new affiliate content with relatively low investment.

The article also contains 79 articles in German, French, Spanish and Portuguese and there is huge potential to grow the site by publishing content in these languages.

Did you start the site from scratch or did you buy it? Is it built on an expired domain? Any 301 redirects used on the site? If so, will they be included in the sale?

I started the site completely from scratch.

What has been your biggest struggle with this site?

I’ve been unable to find enough time to grow the site through adding new content and updating existing content, as I’m busy with other sites in my portfolio. I’ve ended up neglecting this site.

What is included with the site?

A Pinterest account and a Twitter account will be included in the sale.

How much time do you spend on the site? What tasks do you do?

I currently spend 10-15 minutes on the site every week. The main tasks are getting an article written, proofreading and editing it, and checking it for plagiarism and then passing it on to my virtual assistant to publish it.

Do you outsource the content? If yes, are you able to pass along the writer?

I outsource content, but won’t be able to pass on details of the main writers as these same individuals write for other sites on my portfolio.

How did you build your backlinks? Were PBN's used?

I’ve never actively built links using any outreach activities.

How many total articles are on the site?

There are 627 articles in total at the site.

What are the expenses that are associated with the site? Specifically, what are the expenses that come from content creation, hosting, backlinks and domain registration?

The current expenses are as follows:

Outsourcing content, which is currently around $150-$200 a month.

Website hosting, which is $119 a month, although this hosting is used for all the sites in my portfolio. If the site was the only one to be hosted, then hosting fees would be much cheaper.

Domain registration, which is $13 a year.

Subscription to the WPML premium translation, which is $25.50 a year.

Subscription to the 123RF stock photography service. I’m currently on an annual plan, which costs $905 a year because I use images from it for all my sites. However, if I just had one site then a monthly subscription would be more than adequate, which is $96.00 a month.

Payment Terms

For this site, we require a non refundable payment of $1,000 via the website, then the remainder to be sent via wire transfer.

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