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Understanding Performance Max Campaigns

This article is about Google’s Performance Max campaigns. Performance Max is a new feature that allows you to access your entire Google advertising inventory in one spot. That’s what it means: you’ll utilize a purpose-driven campaign across all of your assets – Search, Display, Discovery, Gmail, YouTube, and Maps. 

Best Ways to Use Performance Max 


  • You have specific advertising and conversion goals (for example, driving online sales, lead generation, and more).
  • Your ads can appear on any channel you choose so that you can maximize the performance of your campaign.
  • You want manageable access to all of Google’s advertising channels using a single campaign.
  • You want to gain additional access and conversion value beyond keyword-based search campaigns.

How Google Performance Max Campaigns Work

The best feature of Performance Max campaigns is that they rely on machine learning to identify and select which combination of your assets is most likely to be converted into Google inventory. You’ll import your creative and copy assets and create marketing objectives (conversions, traffic, etc.). Then Google will evaluate the audience based on audience signals, historical data, user data, and their Google advertising channel activity.

Google Performance Max Pro Tips

Use Audience Signals

If you have enough Google insights on which audience is most likely to convert, you may consider adding audience signals as an optional feature. The function is accessible to all audience groups, including first-party audiences and custom audiences, engagers, YouTube subscribers, and others. The algorithm can discover comparable users across Google’s platforms if you have data for these segments to import. This way, Google will avoid going “wide,” but it will be more likely to target customers with a high likelihood of conversion.

Go All In With Asset Variations

As your campaign grows, so does Google’s understanding of what works and what doesn’t. As a result, don’t be afraid to include as many copy variants as possible in both headlines and descriptions. Google will combine the most successful ones. Make the most of your fantastic creative, ad copy, and CTAs.

Finally, make sure you add both image and creative video assets. It is the only way to reach responsive display ads (Google Display Network) and YouTube Google inventories.

Check Conversion Goal Tracking

Make sure your conversions are tracking correctly. Otherwise, you could discover anomalies in your campaign performance and actual results. For optimum optimization and outcomes, you should expect at least 30 conversions on your account in the previous 30 days. If you don’t meet these standards, Google’s algorithm will have difficulty recognizing winning combinations and customer trends.

Set Up Product Feed on GMC (eCommerce)

If you operate an eCommerce store, ensure your Google Merchant Center Product Feed is activated. It enables you to promote on Google Shopping, which brings your goods to the attention of a much larger audience.


Performance Max is a great way to get the most out of your Google Ads campaigns. You can make the most of this powerful tool by understanding how it works and following our tips.

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