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Why Six-Figure Sellers Choose Motion Invest

I will be honest… When we started Motion Invest, we saw the largest opportunity to help our audience at the sub-$100,000 price point.

However, like all good things, it has evolved and we are finding more and more sellers coming to us with six-figure sites that they are looking to sell. We are now successfully selling all of the six-figure sites listed with us and at premium multiples.

Below are 5 reasons why six-figure site sellers are listing with us. If you are considering selling your site (regardless of size), please get in touch and we can see if we are the right fit for you.

Top 5 Reasons That Six-Figure Site Sellers Choose Motion Invest…


1. You Get our Full Attention

With a six-figure site at Motion Invest, you get the team’s full attention to make sure that you have a positive experience. This is unlike the discount, self-serve brokers or a larger broker where you are just a number. Many of the *extra* steps that we take are listed below.

“I had a great experience working with Motion Invest–an easy transaction with a very knowledgeable team. My site sold in under a week for a competitive multiple, and the entire process was as smooth as it could be. I definitely recommend reaching out to the team if you’re looking to sell your site.” – Sean Markey (

Sean sold his site with MotionInvest for a x34 Monthly Income Multiple.

2. Get a Special Listing Deal

When selling a larger site with Motion Invest, we are open to working with you to identify a listing structure that achieves your goals. Here are some examples:

  • Looking for extra privacy? We have lawyers and can make that happen
  • Not wanting to do ANY phone calls? We have made that happen.
  • Have a larger site and want a discount on the success fee? We have a sliding scale for larger sites that aligns the incentives of everyone involved.

No matter your request, we are open to finding a solution that ensures your goals are met without sacrificing our listing standards

3. Receive a Premium Multiple for your Site

In the end, when you are selling any site (especially a higher-priced site), the amount of money that you make matters!

With our sliding scale success fee and premium multiples, you can be confident that you are completing a deal with Motion Invest, with the most money possible in your pocket.

Well known industry leader Jon Dykstra the founder of achieved premium multiples as high as x45 for multiple sites in his portfolio.

4. Exclusive to Your Site Marketing Campaign

This is something that ONLY Motion Invest offers.

Between the audiences of our founders and our industry contacts, we believe that we have the largest reach to directly advertise your listing to interested buyers.

We work to identify your sites unique selling features and will launch a campaign targeting those benefits.

Based on what we have done in the past, this might include the following…

  • A dedicated email
  • Paid traffic campaign that is unique to your site
  • Video of our founders (Jon and Spencer) discussing your site
  • Paid promotion on a partners email newsletter, etc.

5. Motion Invest Sells More and Focuses on Content Sites

Motion Invest is founded and run by content site operators and is the only broker or marketplace that focuses exclusively on Content Sites. We are still crunching the numbers but we are selling more content sites than any other broker and are in line with any marketplace.

This deep experience in running content sites and singular focus on selling content sites, results in us knowing what we are doing when it comes to due diligence and site transfers. This also means that our buyers know exactly what to expect when they come to us.

Do you have a content site you are considering selling? 

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