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100,000 Words of AI Generated Content - 10% OFF is a complete DONE FOR YOU content solution with hands on management, keyword research, article creation, SEO optimization, and publishing- EXCEPT the content is heavily produced using AI tools rather than an editorial team.  Benefits of this service: 
  • Low-cost way of testing new content clusters
  • Revive your neglected affiliate site on a budget 
  • Get massive amounts of content created fast 
  • Get content that ranks for only $0.01/word! 
  • Pick where to allocate your editorial resources based on content performance 
  • DONE FOR YOU- fully managed by an awesome Project Manager 
RocketContent is perfect for: 
  • Neglected Sites
  • Tight Budgets
  • Testing out a New Niche or New keywords
  • Low priority Affiliate Sites 

12,000 Words of Content - 20% OFF

Are you looking to add content to your site you just bought or another site you own? ContentRefined delivers high quality content with years of proven and tested methods to help the articles they create rank. With this package you will get 12,000 words of content that you can divide up however you want (ex 12x 1,000 word articles). The package also comes with:
  • 100% written by their writers
  • Project Manager
  • Keyword Research
  • SEO Optimization
  • Publishing to your site

FREE Consulting Call is happy to help you along on your affiliate marketing path. They are industry experts and have tons of experience creating and managing websites just like yours. If you are interested in a free 30min call where they will look at your site and offer insight on how to grow it add this on and we will get you in touch.