Process of Selling a Site With Us

Two Options to Sell With Us

Please note; all sites must pass our due diligence process before you can choose which option of selling you would like to choose.

Directly Sell To Us

List on our Marketplace

Use our free valuation tool

Find out the real value of your site, trust us it's worth it!

Benefits of Selling a Site with Us

Sell fast, keep more profit, let us handle the rest. Every motion is a step in the right direction!

Fast Sale

Once your website passes our due diligence, receive your full amount within 72 hours for a direct sale! Our Marketplace listings have an average sale time of 11 days.

Transfer Support

Once your site is sold, our expert transfer team will help you to transfer the site to the new owner.

Easy Hand Off

You only need to provide a 20 day support to the new owner, there is no hand holding!

Listing Fee & Succes Fee

No success or listing fee when selling directly to us, our marketplace option has 0% listing fee and 15-20% success fee.

Fair Market Price

We buy sites at a fair market value, we don't give low ball offers, you can also list directly on our marketplace.

Non-Invasive Due Diligence

No wasted time on multiple repetitive calls, no annoying questions, our knowledgeable team does due diligence quickly.

Here’s what others have to say about Motion Invest!

Steve A.
Steve A.Previous Buyer
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"Purchasing a website with real organic traffic and verified earnings has been a frustrating process in the past. This has all changed thanks to Motion Invest. They take all the stress out of buying a website that's already making money. I purchased my first website with Motion Invest, and in less than a week, I was the new owner. They communicated the entire process with me throughout and answered all my questions. I'm confident to say it won't be the last time I invest in Motion Invest." You can read his full review here .
Ganesh K.Previous Seller
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"I have recently sold one of my websites on via their market place. It was a pleasant experience from the start to finish. Everything moved in a timely manner. There were immediate offers. Motion Invest has a huge network and it helped in achieving a satisfying final sale price. Highly recommended."
Shubham W.Previous Seller
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"It Was an Excellent experience with Motion Invest! I was able to Sell my site in 48 hours. Very prompt communication and faster processing of Funds! I would highly recommend them if you wish to get a good price for your site as per the industry standards with faster processing of the funds and overall migrations. "
Martin D.Previous Seller
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"Selling my website through Motion Invest was a positive experience. The whole process was professional, easy and Kelley with her tech team did a super job of managing the site sale all the way through to final payment. I was offered a fair price and with zero brokerage fees it really was a no brainer deal for me."
John D.
John D.Previous Seller
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"Since my goal was to be involved as little as possible in selling my sites, I wanted a broker who would handle everything possible that didn’t require me. I did have to be involved and provide screenshots because these are my accounts. I had to assist in transferring the websites, again because they are my accounts. Other than that I have to give a HUGE 2 thumbs up to Motion Invest for doing pretty much everything else. They told me they would handle almost everything when I reached out to them and they delivered in spades. For example, I only had to give MI read and analyze access to my Google Analytics accounts. They spent the time getting all the necessary screenshots. Long ago I attempted to sell another site and that broker (to remain nameless) who required I get all the screenshots… and they asked for screenshots weekly. I was annoyed because they easily could have. It was a horrendous experience and time-suck."
Granger G.
Granger G.Previous Seller
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"The migration process started on July 26th and by August 5th, I had cash in my bank account – meaning the entire migration from start to finish took only 10 days. For those of you who don’t have a point of reference to compare that to – 10 days is scorching fast. The process at other brokers usually takes about 3-4 weeks total for these kinds of sites, which is in part because there is typically a waiting period where the buyer has about 2 weeks to receive and verify revenue. As a seller, I loved the fact that there wasn’t a required waiting period to close the deal. Pretty much as soon as the site was all migrated over to the buyer, my funds got sent to me."

FAQ for Selling Websites

This depends on which selling option you choose. Usually when you directly sell to us it takes about 3-5 days. Sometimes it can be less and sometimes it can be more depending on when we get all the required details that we need to complete the due diligence process. If you choose the marketplace option, there is no guarantee of a sale but we will list your site for 31 days on our site.

We use either Paypal or wire transfers to pay for the sites.
When you sell directly to us we do not charge any fees, but please note that Paypal and wire transfers do subtract a fee when we send you the funds. If you choose to list on our marketplace, there is no listing fee, only a 15% success fee if the site sells.
In order to move the site quickly through our due diligence process please ensure you have completely filled out the free evaluation form on this page. The main information we need are income screenshots for the last year from the actual affiliate site, as well as access to the analytics account for the site.
When you directly sell with us we are purchasing the site ourselves and can complete this process in 3 days – 5 days. If you choose to list on our marketplace, we will list your site for 31 days, but there is no guarantee that the site will sell.

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