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The Ultimate Content Website Guide For 2022

At Motion Invest, we focus on selling content websites. My name is Ryan Gunn and I am the Seller Representative at Motion Invest. In this article, I will go more into depth about content websites. That will include what they actually are and how to sell one. I will also provide you with some real examples of what they look like so you can have some references in case you want to start your own.

What Is A Content Website?

A content website generally focuses on providing readers with information. This content can take various forms, including blog posts, informational articles, product reviews, case studies, and more. The general idea is these sites feature articles about a specific topic or niche.

For some sites, the main goal is to get their articles ranked highly on Google, which then brings in lots of organic traffic to the site. For other sites, the goal is to put out a great piece of content that gets shared a lot on social media and gains them lots of social traffic. Either way, the goal is usually to drive a lot of traffic to the website. After you acquire traffic, you can then monetize the site with things like display ads, affiliate links, and more. 

This is different from an Ecommerce website, which focuses more on buying and selling products directly on the site. For example, Amazon would qualify as an Ecommerce website as it focuses on selling products directly to you. The site is designed for you to browse a bunch of products and then add them to your cart. While there can be content on Ecommerce websites, the main draw is the buying and selling functions that they offer.

Some Examples Of Content Websites

In this section, I will explain some of the different forms of content websites that are out there. 

Sites With Mostly Product Reviews (aka Decision Making Content)

These are sites that mainly focus on reviewing products. They provide readers with the most information possible to help them make their purchases. So before you buy a product on Amazon, you might read one of these sites to help determine what you should buy.

The goal of these sites is to earn money via affiliate programs, by recommending products to their readers. Instead of selling the actual products themselves, most of these sites will be members of various affiliate programs, where they receive a small commission if their readers end up buying a product that they recommend.

These sites are designed to help consumers make the best decisions possible. They will feature content that includes words about a specific product or category. Sometimes they will display the strengths and weaknesses as compared to their competitors. Sometimes they will display how much they cost and other things like that. 

An example would be a site that focuses on laptops. A large chunk of the content would focus on providing readers with articles like ‘best laptops of 2022’, ‘best laptops for traveling’, etc. There would probably be some other informational content on laptops but the main focus of the site would be the product review articles and making money from the affiliate commissions. 

A real-life example of a product review website would be The site mostly features product review articles about footwear. It does have some informational content but it mostly is focused on reviews. 

  • TIP: Make sure to research the specific affiliate programs that you plan to use and how hard they are to get into before buying or starting a site. You don’t want to start a site thinking that you are going to be able to use the affiliate program for something like Disney and then find out it could take you years to get accepted.

Sites With Mostly Informational Content

These are sites that focus mainly on providing their readers with information. This can come in various forms, whether that be blog posts, answering specific questions, or providing a lot of details about a specific topic. The goal of these articles is not to try and sell their readers anything (in most cases) but to provide them with information about a specific topic. 

Instead of using affiliate links (like product reviews), most of these sites will use something like display ads to monetize. That way, they will earn some sort of money when someone reads their article. That doesn’t mean you can’t have product reviews on your site or affiliate links in your articles. It just means that the main goal of these sites is not to help consumers purchase things.

An example would be a site that focuses on providing technology tips. A large chunk of the articles would deal with answering questions that people commonly search for. The site could focus on writing articles on things like ‘how to turn on my Alexa’ or ‘how to turn on my TV without a remote’ etc. There might be some affiliate content on the site but the main focus would be providing information to readers. 

A real-life example of a purely informational site would be something like, which focuses on recipes and food-related content. This site was designed to provide tasty side dish recipes to readers and has hundreds of articles that focus on specific dishes. There are some affiliate links on the site but the main focus is providing their readers with recipes and information about cooking. 

  • TIP: Display ad earnings vary based on niche.  Some pieces of content will be very popular among display ad providers and others will not be. It is always important to research your niche before committing to it as you could be building a site that earns you pennies for every thousands of views.

Sites With A Combination Between Informational Content & Product Reviews

These are sites that put an equal emphasis on publishing content that focuses on product reviews and providing information to their readers. Instead of having say 80% product review articles on their site and 20% informational (or vice-versa), these sites would be closer to 50-50.

For example, a site that focuses on cars could include half of the content where they review specific car products like ‘best car seat’ etc. The other half of the content would be answering various questions and providing information on cars like “how to change a tire” etc. 

A real-life example would be, which focuses on backyard games. This is a site that focuses on a mixture of product reviews and informational content. It has product reviews, where they compare and provide consumers with information before buying various backyard items. It also features lots of informational articles about things to do in your backyard.

  • TIP: The advantage of sites like this is they aren’t completely dependent on one form of monetization. So if something happened to the display ads earnings, the site would still earn money from affiliate earning. If you are a product review website and something happens to your Amazon account, you would likely lose a massive chunk of your earnings.

Other Types Of Content Sites

Content websites can take other forms than what I have mentioned above. Content and content websites can take various different forms.

A real-life example would be This focuses on articles written by athletes, where they give first-hand accounts of things. If you are a sports fan, you would find this entertaining because you get to read a first-hand account of specific moments from your favorite athletes. The site has direct sponsors, so they likely get paid a hefty amount per month by the advertiser to have their logo on the site. 

Another example would be, which focuses on quizzes and trivia about Harry Potter. If you love to take quizzes and love Harry Potter, you would spend a lot of time there as the site is completely focused on that topic. It makes money through display ads.

Do You Have A Content Website To Sell?

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